His insightful analysis of the phenomenon and the wealth of information he offers on the subject make it a text to be read in its entirety, not only for personal knowledge but also as a powerful antidote to the recurrent spread, by politicians of all sects, of the nationalistic virus. Nationalism is a doctrine invented in Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It pretends to supply a criterion for the determination of the unit of population proper to enjoy a government exclusively its own, for the legitimate exercise of power in the state, and for the right organization of a society of states. Briefly, the doctrine holds that humanity is naturally divided into nations, that nations are known by certain characteristics which can be ascertained, and that the only legitimate type do government is national self-government. Not the least triumph of this doctrine is that such propositions have become accepted and are thought to be self-evident, that the very word nation has been endowed by nationalism with a meaning and a resonance which until the end of the eighteenth century it was far from having. These ideas have become firmly naturalized in the political rhetoric of the West which has been taken over for the use of the whole world.

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Vujar Eric Hobsbawm, a Marxist historian, shares with Gellner the functionalist and materialist angle to nationalism. Nationalism and collective trauma Sevan Beukian But such an inference, though correct, is merely academic. Barely two years after these categorical declarations, a decree of the Convention declared that the French nation, while it would not embark on a war against another nation, deemed it right to defend a free people against the unjust aggression of a king, and a later decree directed the executive power to give help to peoples struggling in the cause of liberty.

Gwen Hay rated it did not like it Oct 18, Those among them who owned estates both in Alsace and in the Holy Roman Empire owed allegiance to the King of France in respect of their Alsatian estates, and, on the other hand, in respect of their Imperial territories, enjoyed the status to which they were entitled under the constitution of the Empire. Shortly after the outbreak of the Revolution all feudal privileges were abolished in France, and the rights of the Alsace nobility came into question.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He wrote from a conservative perspective, dissenting from many points of view taken as orthodox in the field. InKedourie was founder and editor of the academic journalMiddle Eastern Studies.

Chinese culturalism, a hybrid of high culturalism of the literati based on universalistic beliefs in civilising effects of culture found in Confucianism and a sense of ethnically defined community of the Han Chinese, enabled peoples of China to imagine their community as a totalising one using culture as a defining criterion Duara The modern state or the scientific stateaccording to Smith in question is invariably what is widely known as the Westphalian state, a form of political organisation which evolved in north western Europe from the seventeenth century onwards, to reach the stage described by Max Weber: Thus the nation de France referred to speakers of Romance languages including Italians and Spaniards; the nation de Picardie referred to the Dutch, that of Normandie to those originating from North-Eastern Europe, and that of Germanie to Englishmen as well as to Germans proper.

The origin of nationalism. Elie Kedourie By its very nature, this new style ran to extremes. But the working of such a balance rested on an assumption which itself served to limit and control any breakdown.

Regardless of whether nationalism is a cause or product of modernisation, it nationalksm clear there is a consensus that nationalism is part and parcel of a wider phenomenon of becoming modern. The French nation had declared itself sovereign, and the people of Alsace, by an act of their will, united themselves to the French people and shared in their sovereignty. Sep 13, Phoenix rated it really liked it Shelves: Published September 28th by Wiley-Blackwell first published Most famously, Partha Chatterjee5 has objected: There grew, thus, an eager expectation of change, a prejudice in its favour, and a belief that the state stagnated unless it was constantly innovating.

It is essential to remember the significance of this event. State and the individual. A small work natioonalism in the form of letters between Anapistemon and Philopatroskefourie by Frederick himself, Letters on the Love of the Fatherlandmay illustrate these views.

Kedourie finds plebiscites the recent referendum on Scottish Independence would be a good example as problematic as affirmative results are usually thought of a permanent after all, they are disruptive in a major way and he would rather that they be more frequent, so as to constantly reflect the changing will the people, like elections. Would you like to change to the site?

He took an undergraduate degree at the LSE. This became instrumentalized as a propaganda device in the Soviet toolbox — if nationalism was against capitalism and imperialism it was nationalismm when it was deemed to go against the tenets of the Politburo, it became right wing and regressive.

With great elegance and lucidity, the author traces the philosophical foundations of the nationalist doctrine, the conditions which gave rise to it, and the political consequences of its spread in Europe and elsewhere over the past two centuries. Nationalism is a doctrine invented in Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century. But as ledourie increasingly apparent the French Revolution introduced new possibilities in the use of political power, and transformed the ends for which rulers might legitimately work.

Nationalism — Elie Kedourie — Google Books Similarly if the citizens enjoy an honest opulence, the Sovereign prospers, and if the citizens are overwhelmed with poverty, the condition of the Sovereign will be worthy of pity.

Nate rated it really liked it Jan 28, The incorruptible representatives of the French people, he said, having proclaimed the sacred and inalienable rights of the nations, recognize no other rule but that of Justice. According to the old principles, the nobles of Alsace could rightly claim compensation under the treaty, but in the new era all is changed.

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To understand the development of nationalism, Kedourie looks back into some events and ideas that form the history and set the background for the creation of the ideology. The French Revolution introduced the concept that sovereignty rested on the authority of …show more content… The new doctrine changed the balance of power and resulted in a "radical subversion of the European state system" that was spread around the world. As Kedourie states, it "created new conflicts, exacerbated tensions, and brought catastrophe". The author paints a negative portrait of nationalism since despite its attempts to achieve greater peace and stability, it has more often been the cause of new conflicts. He gives some examples of situations where nationalism has undermined the position of minorities. In regions of mixed population, for instance, the ideology of self-determination seems to fail and, moreover, "tends to disrupt whatever equilibrium had been reached between different groups".


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Shelves: politics , middle-east , philosophy National Dreams A useful exploration into the romantic European notions of what constitutes a national identity. In National Dreams A useful exploration into the romantic European notions of what constitutes a national identity. A state that insists on a single identity will inevitably be exclusionary. Nationalism, argues Kedourie, is neither a creature of the left or the right, arising from both.

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