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Early years Edit Vueling was established in February and commenced operations on 1 July with a flight between Barcelona and Ibiza. Seville followed in December Two company directors and the chairman resigned shortly before the second profit warning, citing differences over commercial strategy.

The airline then embarked on a restructuring exercise and posted its first profit in mid The merger was designed to create a carrier better able to compete in the competitive Spanish airline market and mitigate high fuel costs with Iberia as the main industrial partner. The regulators demanded the release of slots at Barcelona and other European airports as a condition of the merger.

It became the second largest Spanish carrier flying 8. The designs of both liveries were created by Custo Dalmau and both liveries were removed at the end of Recent developments Edit In November , Vueling announced a new base at Toulouse Airport in France from April , [17] followed in December by the announcement of a new base in Amsterdam , also to open during April The Toulouse base opened on 23 April , but has since closed.

Six Airbus As were delivered between April and June , whilst the remaining two As were delivered by the end of The base launched on 25 March with one aircraft based there, the airline has since expanded at Rome with numerous new destinations. Since November , the airline has continued to expand from its hub at Barcelona. From mid, 8 aircraft would be based there, operating more than 30 routes. During the first weekend of July , Vueling had many delays and cancellations, which resulted in an investigation by the Spanish authorities.

Clients are able to get a refund or fly to the nearest airport where Vueling flies.


Código descuento Vueling



Vueling Airlines


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