Telkree Like Phil, mine is a DTS spec model and the front panel buttons are hard to press but they do still work. However if you buy a 2nd hand machine, you cannot easily tell which input name is associated with which physical connector on the back. Linn speakersthe works with pretty much any ancilliary gear. I have the final linnn dts version. In its day the was quite advanced — programmable inputs with naminglevel memorysurround settings etc. The does NOT have 5.

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I think it might help us if you could say 1 what your existing system is, 2 why you feel the need to improve it and 3 why you feel drawn to the As in particular. As regards the As themselves, there is, as you hinted in your post, both good news and bad news. The good news is that they are a Klimax level product, and there was a lot of favourable testimony about them on the now defunct Linn forum.

So, if you can find a pair in good order and they will be a few years old by now , there is a good chance that you will like what they do. But the bad news choice of speakers tends to be very personal, which is another reason for not buying them without listening first.

Many people will be quite happy with them. Others me included feel that standmount speakers really need to be used with a carefully balanced subwoofer to give of their best.

These are not questions you can resolve satisfactorily if you buy sight unseen online. Beyond that, there are the questions of compatibility and upgradeability. Active speakers like the As will replace your power amplifier as well as your existing speakers. They will therefore need to work with whatever preamplifier you have. Furthermore, there is no upgrade for the As as there is for their bigger Klimax brethren , so they are, in effect a technological dead end, which may or may not be an issue for you All in all, while the As are excellent active speakers produced by a company which has been a master of.

If, however, you can answer my questions 2 and 3 above to your own satisfaction, have discovered a bargain and are not in any way risk averse, you just might get lucky.


Linn AV5103 set up help

Tojajas My Linn dealer told me that as a stereo preamp it is better than the majik LK wakonda, kolektor and kairn, but va newer ones are better. It replaced a Linn Kairn. Hiya, Have heard good things about these things, and just wondered if you have ever heard or owned one. It has coax 3 I think from memory and one toslink digital inputs. I few dealers, have them 2nd hand, ebay has one at linnn mo, and still new end of line in Aus and Ireland as far as I can work out.


LINN AV-5105 Amplifiers

Zululmaran However if you buy a 2nd hand machine, you cannot a5v tell which input name is associated with which physical connector on the back. Have heard very good things about theespecially the pre-amp side of it, hence the intrest, two birds with one stone — possibly — dac and pre. I also have an AV plus their 5 channel amp and speakers and an SB3 and it sounds fine. Absolutly wonderfull post, answered all and more of what I was after, thanks!!


LINN AV-5103 A/V Preamplifier


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