Compliance may take the form of a current NYS insurance card, plate surrender, a report of lost or stolen plates MVB , or the expiration of your vehicle registration. Please be aware that coverage will be confirmed with your insurance carrier. If this exemption involves multiple facilities or invoices, separate applications must be completed. Use this step-by-step guide to fill out the Fs 48s form promptly and with excellent accuracy.

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Continue Introduction Losing your license or photo ID can be extremely worrying and inconvenient. You will want to promptly begin the steps to replace it, as you are not legally allowed to drive without your license on you.

In doing so, you will help protect yourself from identity theft. You cannot get this form from the DMV. Photocopy the form MVB for your records. See below for steps on applying in person. However, certain eligibility requirements may apply and differ for each.

Your current mailing address must be on file with the DMV. If not, then you must update your address before the transaction. A duplicate requested online cannot be sent to addresses outside the U. This applies to military addresses outside the country.

You are willing to pay the applicable fee. The waiver for filling out a police report see above does not apply online.

You can wait at least 2 weeks to receive your duplicate license in the mail. You are requesting the same document type with the same information. You cannot change: Information such as your name or address. License class. Your document type i. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, then you must apply in person see below. Be prepared to enter the following information: Your name and gender as it appears on your license OR your Client ID number.

Your date of birth. The last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Your current zip code. Your email address make sure your address accepts emails with the domain dmv. Credit card number for replacement fee see below. Once you submit payment, your transaction cannot be canceled or refunded.

Note: If you need to change your name or update your address , be sure to do so before your online transaction, as the NY DMV will only use what it has on file. In order to apply for a replacement by mail, take the following steps: Download, print, complete, and sign the Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card Form MV be sure to respond to all of the questions on the back of the form.

Make copies of your proof of identity. NY provides a full list of acceptable ID and associated points. Determine the applicable fee. Mail in your completed application and photocopies with your proofs of ID to one of the addresses below.

Bring proof of identity. NY provides a full list of acceptable ID and points for each. Alternate Addresses for Receipt If you want your replacement license or ID sent to an address different from the one on your original document, you can indicate that on your form.

To do so, write a note and print out your alternate address. DO NOT write the alternate address on your form — only on your note. If you choose, you can apply for your replacement at your local DMV office to receive an interim document to use while you await your permanent replacement. The Class type does not change the fee. This type cannot be requested online. Out-of-State NY Residents If you are a New York resident who is traveling or working out of state and you need to get a replacement license, you may apply by mail see above to have a duplicate license sent to your out-of-state address.

You must have it sent to an address in the States. You can apply to your previous state for a duplicate photo license. The duplicate license will need to prove that your license was valid for at least 6 months. If you are unable to apply for a duplicate license, you can apply for a letter or driver abstract.

These documents must: Be originals. Be on official DMV letterhead from your previous state. Show all the following information: Name.


Replacing a Lost License in New York

In the state of New York, it is illegal to drive without both a front and rear license plate on your vehicle. But what happens if one gets lost or stolen? Under the law, both plates are required. Understand the steps to take to avoid being pulled over and cited for driving without a license plate. Dealing with the DMV and lost plates is a fairly simple process. Take your remaining plate to your local DMV office, along with the vehicle registration and other documents you will need for replacement. You will have to pay a fee to purchase a replacement plate unless you can prove the plate has been stolen.


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