He grew up on the south side of Memphis, living on Kansas Street. After graduating high school, he went to college at Memphis State University , where he earned a degree in Computer System Technology. In , he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering. Dickey was employed in the aerospace industry working at Rockwell International , ASSD division, as a software developer, before deciding that he wanted to pursue acting and stand-up comedy , and began the local and national comedy circuit. Dickey wrote several comedy scripts for his personal comedy act, and later began writing short stories.

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At the beginning of the book you are with Gideon as he takes on a job killing a preacher, and then we follow Gideon to England to take on another job, but when he gets there, right from the moment he gets off the plane Gideon is looking over his shoulder.

The book is told in first person POV you go on this ride with Gideon from the states to England and all his adventures. At first, the writing, or style, kinda through me off and it took about a chapter or two to realize this was Gideon being cold and distant, trying to make sure to never loose focus on his goals. Now his reasons for being on the other side of the pond have nothing to do with Gideon at first, but then he gets a package and it all goes sideways from there.

What I liked most about this book was the action. The suspense the thrill of the kill was everything. I liked the voices of the characters and even some of the side characters FYI: Arizona is a messy bitch were great.

There were moments I laughed, moments of shock, it was such a great read. That ending was crazy!!! OMG I will definitely be continuing this series.


Sleeping With Strangers (2007)

Indeed, the chapters are structured or came to be in a way very much like the book. Slow, brooding, somewhat inscrutable but with a definite build to a compelling end that satisfies only so much and never completely, forcing you to turn the page, invest in the next chunk and read on I understand that the story is resolved in the next installment, Waking with Enemies. The worst part of the novel is certainly the descriptions of sex. A prime example occurs when one of the characters is seducing another in a cab.


Series: Gideon Series


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