Thorn products are designed to meet product safety and performance standards and conform to all relevant regulations covering environment, energy efficiency, restriction of hazardous substances and waste control. We have invented a new dynamic design concept called PEC Performance, Efficiency and Comfort that embraces all criteria for vision, health and sustainability. This is used for lighting products and lighting schemes design. Do you have a sustainability policy?

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Open the catalog to page 1 Low height lighting needs know, there are a number of cases where conventional the best solution to road lighting problems. In situations such as these, conventional lighting is often deficient. Designed to satisfy standard lighting criteria in a low Furthermore Orus delivers quality in a lighting installation through three distinct attributes: Good The use of ceramic metal halide lamps with small burners, between 35W and 70W, is the best choice in terms of light control, driver comfort and power consumption.

Because Orus is a radical The test programme included comparisons of the system against reference luminaires in traffic-intensive conditions. Open the catalog to page 6 Classic Orus roads with or without pedestrian traffic. Without pedestrians, the optical design directs light entirely onto the road.

This option also allows for facial recognition by other pedestrians. Orus is also an excellent solution where obtrusive light has to be specified in certain residential areas, or in areas where the illuminated and road lighting should therefore be unobtrusive. The Flat Open the catalog to page 7 Road safety Orus ensures better hazard and pedestrian visibility as well as improved driver comfort.

This unique luminaire combines luminance and uniformity with limited glare, revealing obstacles and road surface irregularities. At the same time the low mounting height acts as a good optical and visual guide to the road layout.

Durability block Orus is constructed from high quality materials and engineered operating life. Metal components are either die-cast aluminium visor is made from strong, UV stabilised and scratch protected low mounting height, the entire Orus structure incorporates Orus can be installed either single-sided, with luminaire on both sides of the road with the same spacing.

In the Sealed to IP66 with unique lighting distribution and choice of mounting options. Plug and socket Rear access to Open the catalog to page 10 Orus combines simple, safe installation with easy maintenance Safety is assured through Class I or Class II electrical rating, with automatic power disconnection when the rear access door is opened.

All external screws are tamper-proof Allen type, restricting access to contractors only. Stirrup version wires can be fitted with extra strong sleeves to resist cutting. The lantern is impact resistance to prevent damage from vandals and ensure that up-times remain long.

The surface temperature of the fitting Lamp position setting Orus optics are optimised around a single setting which does not


Indoor Lighting

History[ edit ] Birth of the company[ edit ] The Thorn brand started life as the Electric Lamp Service Company Limited, established by Sir Jules Thorn on 29 March , importing incandescent filament lamps and radio valves from the continent. Faced with increased import duties, [3] introduced to aid British manufacturing, Jules Thorn bought his first lighting factory, the Atlas Lamp Works Ltd in Edmonton , north London in In the company went public as Thorn Electrical Industries. When war broke out a second lamp site, run by the Vale Royal Electric Lamp Company, was bought in nearby Tottenham - in case Edmonton was bombed.


Industrial Lighting



Thorn Lighting


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