Edit Dr. Brantley Giese: the base xenoanthropologist, and the head of the Avatar Program. Hegner: former xenobiologist and avatar driver, now working in the mess hall; in psychiatric treatment since his avatar was killed while they were in link. It is a century from now, and the population of our tired planet has tripled.

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Edit Dr. Brantley Giese: the base xenoanthropologist, and the head of the Avatar Program. Hegner: former xenobiologist and avatar driver, now working in the mess hall; in psychiatric treatment since his avatar was killed while they were in link.

It is a century from now, and the population of our tired planet has tripled. Finally, drowning in its own toxic waste, starvation and poverty, the population has topped out at a nice even 20 billion. The Earth is dying, covered with a gray mold of human civilization. Even the moon is spiderwebbed with city lights on its dark side. Overpopulation, overdevelopment, nuclear terrorism, environmental warfare tactics, radiation leakage from power plants and waste dumps, toxic waste, air pollution, deforestation, pollution and overfishing of the oceans, global warming, ozone depletion, loss of biodiversity through extinction Josh lives in the urban sprawl which has grown like kudzu over the whole eastern US.

His particular part of this undifferentiated concrete rat- warren is Charlotte, NC, but you could be anywhere. Its the same crowded, gray, trash-strewn high-tech squalor. The walls are gray, the sky is gray They shuffle past each other in dense crowds, shoulder to shoulder, unwashed because of the water shortages, and sickly looking from the bankrupt diet of cheap carbohydrates and synthetic proteins. It looks like a cross between THX and a Calcutta train station. Josh has it a little worse than most because of his involvement in a stupid little war people barely remember.

He is paralyzed from the waist down, and his useless legs hang twisted and shrunken down the front of his wheelchair. Josh still wears his army jacket, and with his unkempt beard and hair, and surly eyes, he is pretty much ignored by the crowds which buffet him like surf. Just another angry vet, a piece of discarded human trash.

Josh fights his way to work every day on the crowded subway. And every night he goes home to a tiny cubicle of an apartment in a vast government housing project. The room is reminiscent of a cell at a federal prison, which is pretty much what it is. The amenities look like they are from a , which is to say they are efficient, space conscious, and are about a hundred years old. There is a single fluorescent fixture, which casts a sterile light over the grimy walls.

It flickers constantly. One entire wall all seven feet of it is a TV screen. There is a breaking story about a fire in a Boston subway which asphyxiated over a hundred people. Not unusual these days. This is followed by a feature about the death, in Kenya, of the last lion living outside captivity. The oceans are overfished and barren, poisoned by toxic runoff.

On land over half the species extant at the beginning of the century are now gone forever, with most of the remaining endangered. The human race, using its technical ingenuity, has learned to keep itself alive, but it has lost almost all contact with the natural world, which it has strangled and crushed out of existence. There are no national parks left, only housing projects and protein farms. Yosemite is an upscale condo development.

Most ocean-front property is used for mari-culture, since the only food source efficient enough to feed everyone these days is spirulina. Josh Sully is a hopeless guy in a hopeless world, a little guy whom the big machine has ground up and spit out. Josh gets a call from a computer at the municipal admin complex.

The automated voice tells him politely that his brother, Thomas Sully, has been killed in a transit system accident in Boston, and he is required to claim the body by tomorrow. His brother died choking in the smoke of the subway fire which Sully had seen on the news. He sits next to a large cardboard box, about seven feet long, sitting on the rollers waiting to go into the furnace.

We see that they are identical twins. There is no other family there. Then the box is rolled into the furnace, and the burners are lit. As he is wheeling himself through the crowded halls of the municipal complex, Sully hears someone calling his name and sees two guys in suits working their way through the crowd to catch up with him. He is immediately suspicious, wondering what collection agency they are from. His brother must have died with some debts.

This is an international consortium of major corporations whose purpose is to find and exploit resources on other planets, both within the solar system, and in the last 25 years, among the nearer star systems. Imagine the Dutch West India Company funded by Microsoft, Matsushita and a dozen or so of their megacorporation buddies.

The charter allows them to exploit the resources of planets, moons, asteroids These two guys ask Josh if he knows anything about what his brother was doing in the last year. It turns out the suits are interested in Josh because of his genes. Tom Sully had signed up to something called the Avatar Program.

In the Avatar Program you sign a ten year contract to work on Pandora, a planet of the Alpha Centauri starsystem. Discovered by the first interstellar expedition twenty five years ago, Pandora has been the single most interesting thing to happen to the human race in ages. The news services love to run clips of the wild scenery on Pandora, and its bizarre flora and fauna.

To a culture which has lost all contact with the natural world, Pandora is mysterious, primal, and terrifying. So what the hell was Tom doing going to Pandora? The suits take Josh to dinner, and he even gets to order real steak. There is, of course, a primitive humanoid species on Pandora, as anybody who watches the news would know.

The humans usually refer to them clinically as the Pandorans, and colloquially as "the locals". Humans cannot live on Pandora without breathing gear, because the atmosphere is toxic. Lethal levels of ammonia, methane and chlorine. The Consortium is trying to bridge the cultural gap with the aboriginal population, which has been difficult to communicate and negotiate with. On Earth, in company genetics labs, they create an in-vitro embryo, which is a genetic composite of the alien and human donor.

In that time it reaches near adult size, since the locals mature fast. The controller receives all sensory input, and provides all motor control to the body. Essentially, the controller lives through the avatar, and is completely unaware of his own body while linked. Each avatar is genetically keyed to its respective human controller. By communicating with the locals through these avatars, which are less alien to them, the RDA has had some success teaching them English and basic skills.

So Tom was going to be one of these controller guys? His embryo has been growing in vitro at the lab for several months. This is significant since only one in a hundred volunteers actually produces a viable composite. Each viable embryo represents an investment of over 20 million dollars.

So they are offering Josh the same contract they gave his brother. The agents grin like jackals. And ten years is too long a stint to sign up for. The army taught him a couple things. He tells them to take a hike. One of the Consortium agents leans close to him. He says that as an avatar he will have legs. Long powerful legs, and he can run again. And you see in his eyes The I. Most of that is engine and fuel, though the fuel tanks are almost empty.

Alpha Centauri is the nearest starsystem to Earth, at 4. A lightyear is the distance light travels in a year, and since light travels , miles a second, this is a long way. To get an idea how far this is, imagine the Earth is a grain of sand in my driveway in Malibu. On that scale the sun is a cantaloupe 50 feet away. And Alpha Centauri is in New York.

You have to go really fast. Almost as fast as the absolute laws of physics permit. And you have to use more energy to reach that speed and then slow back down than all of human civilization is currently using in a year. So the bottom line is A lot of money. About a million dollars a pound, to get something from Pandora back to Earth. The object of the game is not to go there and mine coal. The least mass for the most buck. So what you want to do is build up an industrial infrastructure on Pandora You want to civilize it.

And you need workers to do that.


Project 880

For those that are interested! Here is a review of the original scriptment for Avatar that is years old. Remember this will obviously have changed by now, but it does color the film somewhat. Stripmining, air pollution, and every other form of exploitation and abuse have lead to mankind living in a tired world. Josh Sully mid-twenties , is a disllusioned war vet, paralyzed from some meaningless war a few years back. Like much of science fiction - including even Star Trek - Avatar is frustratingly selective about how and where our technology has advanced. Because he happens to have genes which are useful to the RDA, Josh ultimately finds himself making the three-year trip to Pandora to work on the Avatar program.


James Cameron Screenplays (Download)

Originally, the term, "unobtanium" was slang used in the aerospace industry, to describe hard-to-access materials with mythical properties. However, over the years the name appears to have stuck. The high temperatures and pressures produced far exceeded anything wrought by human technology. Background Parker Selfridge with some unobtanium Superconductivity was discovered in by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, who was studying the resistance of solid mercury at temperatures close to absolute zero. Further efforts proved futile, and frustrated researchers finally termed their goal "unobtainium.



Argumento[ editar ] Vista de la luna Pandora. En ese lugar, Jake y Neytiri se sinceran sobre sus sentimientos y se unen como pareja. De vuelta a su avatar, Jake les cuenta a todos los miembros del clan la verdad e intenta convencerlos de que se vayan. Ni siquiera Neytiri perdona a Jake. Durante la huida, el coronel los descubre y los intenta detener disparando con su rifle pero por fortuna logran escapar de la base, sin embargo en el trayecto descubren que Grace esta herida en el costado por los disparos de Quaritch. Entonces Jake les pide ayuda para curar a Grace quien esta herida mortalmente en el costado.


Avatar (película)

Origin[ edit ] The term scriptment was originally coined by filmmaker James Cameron , possibly during his early involvement in the development of the Spider-Man film series. In that effort, after the success of his film The Terminator , Cameron wrote a page scriptment for the first proposed Spider-Man film, which was used by screenwriter David Koepp to write the first draft, incorporating it nearly word for word. The scriptment for Avatar and its notoriety caused the spread of the term. As with standard treatments, much of the dialogue is summarized in action. The longer the scriptment, however, the more likely it contains dialog scenes that are fully developed. Single words or brief phrases of dialogue can be included within the description and lengthier exchanges are formatted exactly as a regular screenplay, which is the main reason for the "script" part of the term. The longer the scriptment, the more likely it is written shot to shot as opposed to scene by scene; thus, a long, detailed scriptment does not necessarily equate to a longer movie, as a typical page screenplay written with master scenes contains many more individual shots than are immediately apparent.

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