Customers can expect advice from holistic technology solutions right through to cross-machine turn-key process development, i. Be it individual or universal, the machine concept of monoBLOCK machines with their comprehensive range of options provides a solution for every application. A wide range of table solutions from 3-axis machining to highly dynamic 5-axis machining with Direct Drive as well as the widest selection of spindles are the basis for the optimal configuration of your machine. Large door openings with unique access to the working area give the operator impressive freedom and perfect handling. The results may vary slightly due to the site conditions and cutting conditions.

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This has resulted, for instance, in conjunction with the high-speed rotary axes of the swivel-type indexing table, in a remarkable increase in dynamics, and, amongst others, the 45 mm wide roller guides maximize process stability.

With its 7. With axis paths of x x mm in X, Y and Z in its 5-axis version, the entire indexing table surface can be traversed allowing the workpieces to be machined in one pass. Certainly a decisive attribute for maximum precision and surface quality. Another remarkable feature: even oversize workpieces of up to mm diameter and a weight of up to 1, kg can be loaded on the swivel-type indexing table.

Furthermore, given the heavy weight of the workpieces, the user will appreciate the fact that the well-conceived standard design allows for unrestricted workpiece loading by crane from above. Tooling made easy Simple and comfortable operation and loading of the 30, 60 or 90 position tool magazine has not been forgotten. Since the loading station is located in the front area of the machine, the operator can always work in his normal work environment.

During make-ready, the control panel can be swung directly towards the tool loading station. The fast sword-type tool changer reduces the chip-to-chip time to a convincing 4. A wide centrally arranged chip conveyor permits fast and process reliable chip removal towards the rear of the machine. As with a car tachometer with a red danger zone, the operator can always check the current status of the process stability at a glance thanks to the dynamic green-to-red colour gradient.

These include, amongst others, modular equipment configurations for the motor spindles. The extensive modular spindle system, starting with a spindle speed of 10, rpm at torque of 82 Nm in the standard version, offers further application-oriented options with 14, rpm Nm , 18, rpm Nm , 24, rpm Nm as well as a sturdy spindle with 10, rpm and a Nm torque.

The available table variants have been designed to match the individual focus on either all-purpose, 5-axis or HSC machining. One of the variants is equipped with high-torque gear motors, the other being operated by dynamic water-cooled torque motors to accelerate the two rotary axes to a maximum of rpm. These features allow space-optimised placement of the machine on the shopfloor.


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