Arashirr geil browning Archives — Emergenetics International She received her doctorate from the University of Nebraska, where she was an adjunct associate professor and completed her postdoctoral studies at Harvard. Geil BrownongPH. Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Browning is active in the community, serving as a founding board member of the Kenyan Children Foundation, whose mission is to provide transformational experiences for Americans through involvement with Kenyan street children.

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But why? Everything that inspires us comes from love. Martin Seligman , often called the father of Positive Psychology, developed an evidence-based model to describe the elements of his well-being theory. While each of these five does have a part to play in creating a culture of love and appreciation, I will focus on just two elements - positive emotions and relationships - in exploring ways to build a culture of love at the workplace.

Positive Emotions Positive emotions are not just happiness and joy. If we start to dig deeper, we can include emotions like satisfaction, gratitude, excitement, pride etc. Understanding which positive emotions we want to harness at the workplace or even in the family , we can begin to decide the sorts of values, norms and behaviours we want to promote in order to generate those emotions. She shares that in order to build a culture of love, we need to encourage qualities such as presence, gratitude and joy within the workplace.

She goes on to explain that if we want to build a culture of love, we have to recognise that people are unique and we each have our own interpretation of what love, gratitude or appreciation means to us. As human beings, we give and receive emotions through relationships. Building positive relationships require action. Actions though, have to be genuine, and congruent with the values espoused by the organisation or family and leaders or parents.

Failing which, the actions, while positive, will only be perceived as superficial. The Bottom Line Generating positive emotions and building positive relationships need not involve big actions. Do we greet each other? Do we smile? Are we fully present when in conversation with each other? Do we listen? How do we respond to each other?

Do we delight each other with little surprises? How do we show our appreciation for one another? Whether the situation is work, or family, we need to remember that there are boundaries to maintain and that individuals need to remain accountable to their responsibilities.


Your Emergenetics Profile

Geil Browning, PH. Browning started her career as a teacher and became an elementary school principal at the young age of Her lifelong interest in how people learn is what ultimately led her to create the Emergenetics Profile. The company then expanded its assessment technology with a motivational and aptitude-based tool known as the Emergenetics Selection Program for hiring and promoting employees. Browning, which generated more than 3, graduates. She received her doctorate from the University of Nebraska, where she was an adjunct associate professor and completed her postdoctoral studies at Harvard.


Geil Browning

This successful book is based on the methodology introduced in the early 90s by the author Dr. Geil Browning and her colleague Dr. Wendell Williams, both social psychologists. The first one is expert in the field of education, the second one in the field of organizational and industrial psychology. The authors have developed the original model of Ned Herrmann, called The Whole Brain Model, used for analyzing personal and organizational Emergenetics is a metaphor that works like the brain works.


Emergenetics (R)

Geil Browning , PH. In , and Emergenetics International was named to the Inc. Beginning her career as a teacher, Dr. Browning was an elementary school principal at the age of



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