The three of them used to make pledges and enjoyed playing games - especially the one to capture the legendary silver wolf. One night, when Finnikin was nine, he had a dream where he had to sacrifice a pound of flesh for Lumatere. The next day, he made Lucian and Balthazar stand on the Rock of Three Wonders, at the crest of his village and make a blood pledge to protect the royal house of Lumatere. Three days later, the day of the Unspeakable occured.

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The three of them used to make pledges and enjoyed playing games - especially the one to capture the legendary silver wolf. One night, when Finnikin was nine, he had a dream where he had to sacrifice a pound of flesh for Lumatere. The next day, he made Lucian and Balthazar stand on the Rock of Three Wonders, at the crest of his village and make a blood pledge to protect the royal house of Lumatere. Three days later, the day of the Unspeakable occured.

After Trevanion refused to prostrate himself before the Impostor King, the new king punished him by accusing him and his betrothed Beatriss of the Flatlands of treason, sentencing Beatriss to death and Trevanion to life-long political imprisonment.

Finnikin was present when the sentence was passed, and later recalls that it took three men to hold down Perri the Savage. On the day Serannona was to be executed, Finnikin and Sir Topher were there in the square where it would take place.

As Serannonna burned, she cursed Lumatere and her words caused the earth to crack in half for a time. To end her suffering, Finnikin climbed up a tree and threw his dagger at Seranonna, stabbing Serannona in the heart and killing her instantly.

This book recorded the stories of people in exile and the number of exile camps in the land. It also recorded the number of Lumaterans found dead in exile. Finnikin is greatly disappointed, for he hoped to find Balthazar, his old friend, there. Immediately he resents Evanjalin, and is annoyed when Sir Topher agrees to take Evanjalin with them when they leave Sendecane.

Evanjalin claims that they must go to the Kingdom of Sorel, and Finnikin is aghast, for Sorel does not treat foreigners well. In Speranza, a town in Sarnak, Evanjalin and Finnikin go to buy supplies for the journey when Evanjalin runs away. Finnikin chases after her, and he finds her confronted by a group of thieves. Later he realizes that he was annoyed that Evanjalin had taken charge. The next day, Finnikin wakes to find Evanjalin gone, and realizes that Evanjalin has returned to Speranza to find the thief who stole her ring.

Sir Topher orders Finnikin to go after her, and with some reluctance, Finnikin does. The thief says that he pawned it. Evanjalin is furious. Finnikin decides to take the thief with them, for if they do not, the thief would come after them with a group of thieves. Sir Topher agrees to take the thief with them to Sorel, and the group travels through Charyn, where they meet a camp of Lumateran River exiles.

They stay the night there, and Finnikin tells the story of how his father and Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands fell in love. Later, the leaders of the camp tell them that Lord August, now Ambassador for Belegonia, had stopped in the camp and wanted Finnikin and Sir Topher to come to Belegonia to discuss the future of Lumatere. Finnikin does not want to go, and argues with Sir Topher about this, but Sir Topher makes him go, and tells him to bring Evanjalin with him.

At the home of Lord August, Finnikin speaks to him, and demands an audience with the King of Belegonia. Lord August refuses, saying that the King has no interest in carving up his land, but would sponsor them if they return home to Lumatere. Finnikin is angered and frustrated by this, as he believes that Lumatere is lost forever and that the only hope for their exiles is a piece of land from Belegonia.

Lord August says that if Finnikin tells him information that he does not already know, then the King will help them. Before Finnikin can respond, Evanjalin speaks for the first time. Both Finnikin and Lord August are stunned at her words. Then Evanjalin surprises Finnikin even more by asking August if he would return to Lumatere if he has nothing to go back to.

Lord August says yes. Evanjalin shocks him even more by replying in the Belegonian tongue. This makes Finnikin even more suspiscious of her, and he believes that she is no simple novice. Finnikin passes them unnoticed, but Evanjalin is noticed and is forced to her knees as the guards stick their fingers down her throat, checking for disease. Finnikin is furious and wants to stop them, but Sir Topher snaps that he is putting her life at risk, and that stops Finnikin.

When they set up camp in the forest, Finnikin follows Evanjalin as she walks near the edge of a cliff-top, and warns her not to go too far away. She asks him what he is thinking, and Finnikin realizes that she wants to know his hopes and dreams. He tells her of his life as a child in Lumatere, and stories of the royal family. Finnikin begins to trust Evanjalin. Later, Finnikin notices Evanjalin looking tense and worried.

They demand to know who is the one among them who has been claiming that he is the heir to Lumatere. Sir Topher says that they are only merchants, and that they have no one they want.

Feeling betrayed, Finnikin is arrested and taken to the Mines of Sorel. He says that Evanjalin told him to escape with Finnikin from the Mines. Trevanion wants to see Finnikin free, but does not want to escape himself. After their escape, Finnikin is furious with Evanjalin for betraying him. He refuses to speak to her. In the town of Speranza, Finnikin wakes to find Evanjalin gone. He is told by the stableboy that there is an exile camp east of the town, and Finnikin immediately realizes that this is where Evanjalin must have gone.

When he arrives at the camp he is almost overwhelmed by the size and despair of the camp. A man bumps into him and begs him not to forget them.

He tells Finnikin that the Priestking is there in the fever camp. Finnikin walks away, shocked, his hand over his mouth. Finnikin finally finds Evanjalin in the camp, a dead babe in her arms, searching for something.

She died earlier, the babe attached to her breast. She finally finds where the mother lays, and Finnikin takes the babe from her and leaps down into the grave pit and places the babe in the arms of its mother. Sorrow consumes him, and his eyes fill with tears. Finnikin notices how different the Priestking looks from when he was in Lumatere. After a brief conversation, the Priestking dismisses them, and Finnikin turns to go, but Evanjalin tells the Priestking that Sir Topher and Trevanion are in the area.

The Priestking then agrees to speak with them. On the way back to Speranza, Evanjalin chooses to walk by the river, saying that it has nice scenery. Finnikin cannot see anything nice about it. The river is crowded with the slave traders from Sorel and their slaves. Finnikin realizes why Evanjalin wanted to walk by the river when he sees the thief from Sorel among the slaves for sale.

Finnikin begins to do so, but Evanjalin stops him, saying that they are going to steal the thief. Finnikin reluctantly agrees. When the thief is bought by someone, Finnikin and Evanjalin follow him and manage to steal him from the buyer. Evanjalin tells the boy that she owns him now. When they return to the inn in Speranza, Evanjalin tells Sir Topher that she has thought of a new set of bonds for the boy like he suggested once. Evanjalin just says that everyone has to have a name.

They tell Sir Topher and Trevanion of their meeting with the Priestking and the group return to the camp to speak to him. However, after a conversation with Evanjalin in which she explains her gift of walking the sleep and why she believes they should return to Lumatere, Trevanion is convinced and decides to return to Lumatere, but says that first he must find his Guard who he believes are living in one of the rock villages in Yutlind. Thus the group begin the journey to Yutlind.

In the town of Sif, Trevanion and Finnikin talk to the Captain of the Myrinhall to ask him to let them join them on their journey through the mouth of the river Yack.

Finnikin and Trevanion then decide to leave Evanjalin, Sir Topher and Froi behind and return for them after they have found the Guard, believing that the journey will be too dangerous for them. Finnikin especially does not want any harm to come to Evanjalin. However, when they tell the others of their plans, Evanjalin objects to them. Finnikin tries to persuade her, telling her of the dangers, but ends up getting into a fight with Evanjalin about it.

What bothers you? That I found a way of getting your father out of the mines while you left him there to rot for years? Sir Topher tells Finnikin that the group must stay together, and so they go onto the ship. Finnikin is furious at Evanjalin for most of the sea voyage and is satisfied that Evanjalin is forced to spend most of her time vomiting over the side of the ship. However, he still feels compelled to watch over her, afraid that one of the crew might take advantage of her.

As the Myrinhall sails down the river Yack, the ship is attacked by the Southern Yut warriors. Arrows shoot towards the ship, and the captain is killed. Finnikin and Trevanion shoot back at the Yuts as the crew try to turn the ship around.

At first Trevanion tells Sir Topher and the others to stay with the ship, but when more Yuts are seen shooting arrows from the trees, and some are seen swimming towards the ship, Trevanion tells the group to get off the ship and onto the east bank. Finnikin goes to where Evanjalin and Froi are hiding behind some crates to make sure they do as told. When Froi shows reluctance to leave, Finnikin grabs him by the hair and shows him the battle, and helps him over the side of the boat.

He then helps Evanjalin, who cannot swim. Sir Topher then goes, helping Evanjalin. At the top of the mast he loosens the sails, and sees that Sir Topher, Evanjalin and Froi have made it to the east bank and are hiding there. He also sees his father finish fighting and go over the side of the boat to join the others. The Yuts see Finnikin clinging to the mast, and shoot at him. Finnikin falls into the water, and is dragged to the east bank by Trevanion.

The group is forced to spend the night in the river water because the Yuts have them surrounded.


Finnikin of the Rock

Later, they travel to a town in Sarnak. Finnikin and Evanjalin go to the market to buy food. Evanjalin runs after the thief. She chases him into an alleyway but there are four men there.







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