Page 3: Specifications 2. If the card does become damaged, do not force the card into the station slot. Page 5: Initial Setup 4. Page 6 C. This buzzer will shutoff when the sensed..

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Page 1: Table Of Contents Several process control features, unique to the FM, make it applicable to a broad range of soldering applications. Please read this manual before operating the FM Keep this manual readily accessible for reference. Page 3: Warnings, Cautions, Notes And Examples Inform others in the area that the unit is hot and should not be touched. Turn the power off when not in use, or left unattended.

Do not remove or damage the bar code sticker. Page 4: Part Names 4. Page 5: Operation Receptacle at the front of the station. Plug the power cord into a grounded wall socket. The FM is protected against Push the plug in as far as it will go, and try to remove it electrostatic discharge and must be without pressing the release pin.

When the set temperature is reached, the Check the temperature setting by pressing the button. Page 8 Control card Each FM comes with a small card, which inserts into the Card slot on the front of the unit. This card is used when entering data for the process control function a temperature value is to be changed, or data are to be entered.

Any FM card can be used with any FM soldering station. Page 9 a. Hold the button down for at least one When the station is ON and the second. The current temperature setting will be displayed, then the hundreds digit will begin to flash. Page Parameter Settings 8. Page 12 When the temperature returns within the allowable range, the buzzer will stop. If you enter a value exceeding the allowable The value is stored in the FM as described range shown to the left, you will be brought below Page Maintenance High temperatures shorten tip life and may cause thermal shock to components.

Always use the lowest possible temperature when soldering. The excellent thermal recovery characteristics of the FM ensure effective soldering at low temperatures.

Cleaning Always clean the soldering tip before use, to remove any residual solder or flux adhering to it. Check for a broken heater or 1. Check for a broken heater or sensor sensor Measure the resistance across this position. Page Error Messages NOTE: The sensor error also occurs if the tip is not inserted properly. Page Trouble Shooting Guide Failure to do so may result in electric shock. Part Name Specifications B Control card Page 19 Item No.

Part No. Part Name Specifications Page Tip Styles


Hakko Electronics FM-203 Instruction Manual


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