Selecting the Innovation Portfolio 7. Keith worked for fourteen years in the medical electronics industry and regularly acts as an innovation management consultant to manahement including: Refresh and try again. Goffin K Keynote address: Sidney Lima added it Nov 15, Goffin K Design for supportability: Review quote Praise for the 3rd edition: Amnagement has extensive experience of product development from both an industrial and an academic perspective. Bob Shipway rated it liked it Jun 03, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Offering a highly readable text alongside an effective mix of theory, case studies and updated pedagogical features, the book covers both strategic and managerial elements of innovation. The tools described by the well-respected and authoritative author team can be used to improve performance in both service and manufacturing companies, and the text is an excellent practical resource for students and managers alike.

In addition, it is an essential text for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students of Innovation Management, as well as for practitioners seeking to enhance their understanding of the subject.

Understanding Innovation and Innovation Management 2. Innovation in Context 4. Developing an Innovation Strategy 5. Generating Innovative Ideas 6. Selecting the Innovation Portfolio 7. Implementing Innovations 8. People, Culture and Organization 9. Innovation—Performance and Capability.

This is without doubt one of the most comprehensive books in the area of innovation and innovation management that I have come across. It is an invaluable resource for students and managers alike. The best part is that it has many cases and insights from all over the world to bring innovation alive and show how it has been successfully achieved in practice.

A hands-on and practical companion, built on a solid platform of research and tried and tested experience, it provides students, teachers and practitioners an in-depth guide to the complexities of innovation management that I thoroughly endorse. It is imminently accessible because it is so well structured. I hold the authors in very high regard and commend them for yet again providing a high quality learning tool.


Keith Goffin

Corporations must be able to adapt and evolve, if they wish to survive. The ability to innovate is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. However, how is it possible for a company to breed innovation into the very bones of an organization, so that it becomes an ongoing, managed phenomenon? Is innovative thinking independent of external circumstances? Or, is there any method to its creativity?


Cases and the challenge of teaching innovation management

How can you judge whether your department or company is as innovative as it could be? Innovation Management begins by separating innovation into five interlocking topics: The Innovation Pentathlon. Using this framework, the authors present the best insights from theory and practice for each topic, together with a variety of tools that can be used to boost performance. Students will value the clear coverage of the academic background and managers will benefit from the 75 case studies that illustrate real-world outcomes. Key Features: - Complete and authoritative coverage of the academic background - Easy-to-follow structure based on The Innovation Pentathlon - Indispensable practical tools and examples - Illustrated with 75 case studies from international organizations, covering both service and manufacturing issues - Web site with additional material for teachers and students - Equal emphasis given to service and manufacturing organisations throughout. It gives that important executive and management perspective beyond and above the individual project by a complete managerial framework together with numerous enlightening cases.

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