Voodoobar By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It can be used to generates square and triangle waveforms simultaneously. Multisim and Ultiboard It will work with as little as 50mV input, but will become very non-linear and somewhat unpredictable. The LM is a dual timer. The output frequency can be also programmed using a set of external resistor and capacitor. If you only need a low frequency VCO, this is the easiest way to build one.

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In such oscillators, an LC tank circuit is used for producing oscillations. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Does this affect the frequency change you observe in any way? Your email address will not be published. Message 1 of 7. What happens if you connect C7 to ground instead of RV11?

The base frequency can be set by a pot as shown, and the modulation signal is symmetrical around zero volts. Triangle and square wave outputs are obtained from pins 4 and 3 respectively. I need a circuit that does just the function 2 Wave of UTC http: He asked for LM not LM Changing the Schmitt trigger resistors will change the output level of the triangle wave, which will affect the distortion when the diode clipper is used to obtain a sinewave.

Capacitor C2 is used to prevent the parasitic oscillations during VCO switching. In terms of FM, the frequency shift is called the deviation. Figure 5 — Frequency Modulated Sinewave Output. I also want to know Saud Khan. The output of U1A and U1B are more or less symmetrical around zero. If your version only has the timer you can use 2 for simulation purposes or create one for PCB layout.

Figure 4 — Diode Sinewave Shaper. If the source circuit is direct coupled, it must be capable of providing some current. This will change slightly depending on the load and the ICs internal temperature. It is possible to recreate this in Multisim in a top level schematic using ideal components to see if it gives you the desired results with the shown external parts as well.

The modulation input will cause the frequency to change by a factor that is directly related to the input level. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Therefore, the maximum frequency is Hz, and the minimum is Hz. Message 5 of 7. The ratio of R1 and R4, as well as R2 and R3 must be as shown for a triangle wave.

It requires a single supply, and it must be regulated if you want to synthesise a sinewave from the triangle wave output. TOP Related Posts.


LM566 – Voltage Controlled Oscillator



LM566 National Semiconductor, LM566 Datasheet




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