Plot summary[ edit ] The story is set two or three years after the partition, when the governments of India and Pakistan decided to exchange some Muslim, Sikh and Hindu lunatics, and revolves around Bishan Singh, a Sikh inmate of an asylum in Lahore , who is from the town of Toba Tek Singh. As part of the exchange, Bishan Singh is sent under police escort to India , but upon being told that his hometown Toba Tek Singh is in Pakistan, he refuses to go. Here, behind the same kind of barbed wire, was Pakistan. In between, on that piece of ground that had no name, lay Toba Tek Singh. For instance, "Upar di gur gur di annexe di bedhiyana di moong di daal of di Pakistan and Hindustan of di durr phitey mun", which means: "The inattention of the annexe of the rumbling upstairs of the dal of moong of the Pakistan and India of the go to bloody hell! This film is directed by Ketan Mehta.

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The story starts two or three years after the Partition. The Government of India and Pakistan decided to exchange their lunatics from one country to other. They were unaware of where it was situated and wanted to know whether they were in India or Pakistan.

They wondered that if they were in Pakistan how come a little while ago they were in India. One of the lunatics climbed up a tree and decided to live there saying he would go to neither Pakistan nor India. Bishan Singh is one among the lunatics of Lahore Asylum; he is the protagonist of this story. He is a harmless old man came to the asylum fifteen years ago when he went mad.

Toba Tek Singh is his hometown where he had some land and property. His family members came to visit him once a month, but after the riots broke out they stopped coming. Finally, the day of exchange came and the lunatics were taken to the Wagha border. The exchange procedure started after the formalities had been done by both sides but it proved to be a very difficult task. The lunatics were out of control, they were screaming, laughing, crying, running here and there making the task all the more complex.

When he learns from the officer that his homeland is in Pakistan he refused to budge. Many officers tried to move him but failed, so they left him for a little while to attend others. After a few second all heard a sudden scream from Bishan Singh, who was lying flat face forward on to the ground. And the piece of land where he fell belonged to neither India nor Pakistan. Thanks to:.


Toba Tek Singh by Saadat Hasan Manto

Thorough investigation was made. As for the rest, they were sent off to the border. As many Hindu and Sikh lunatics as there were, all of them were conveyed, under police protection, to the border. But here in the Lahore insane asylum, when word of this exchange arrived, major discussions began to take place. In the same way, a second Sikh lunatic asked another Sikh lunatic, "Sardarji, why are we being sent to Hindustan? These understood something of why Hindustan had been partitioned and what Pakistan was.


Toba Tek Singh Summary by Saadat Hasan Manto

History[ edit ] The town and district is named after a Sikh religious figure Tek Singh. Legend has it that Mr. Singh a kind hearted man served water and provided shelter to the worn out and thirsty travelers passing by a small pond "toba" in Punjabi which eventually was called Toba Tek Singh, and the surrounding settlement acquired the same name. People from all over the Punjab currently Indian and Pakistani Punjab moved there as farmlands were allotted to them. Most of the people who migrated there belonged to Lahore, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur District.


Toba Tek Singh Analysis & Themes by Saadat Hasan Manto

Sanity Tragedy The story is set in the background of the biggest tragedy and episode of violence in the history of independent India. The communal venom and bloodshed marred the whole event and had consequences for the entire populations of the two countries. The tragedy and its note are loud and clear all through the text of the story. We recapitulate the event through the perspectives of different people, be it the authority or the prisoner.

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