Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The gift itself not only mentally sets in motion a cycle of ever-increasing energy—which returns to you in your tenfold return—but it also serves sseed fix firmly in your mind the spelle of the desired return. Claiming a specific amount makes the receiving of it both easier and more rapid. Do not pay the slightest attention to where your tenfold return is coming from. In addition to making your Seed Money gift to start the flow of prosperity to you, believing that you have already received your multiplied return is your only work.

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Rev Dr. Speller Library of Congress Catalog No. Jon Speller is the author of one of the best-selling spiritual dimension prosperity books of all time. Many hundreds of thousands of people were helped by that little book over the next two decades because of the Biblical references Dr. Speller had included relative to the working of the Principle of Seed Money, and with examples of HOW to overcome difficulties the reader may have in practicing the principle of giving and receiving.

Jon Speller and Rev. Speller and Rev. This ancient secret helped create millionaires and billionaires throughout time, and still works today - IF you practice the formula for making it so. Learn how it, too, can help you compound your financial prosperity. Now seeing clear visions and Angels touching hands, a world filled with beauty without demands. Oh meditating, thinking, and traveling again, leaving behind footsteps in the sand.

Unsure of each crossing road and weary bend, sorting out and making amends. Relief as you close one door and open another to anew begin, learning to not throw stones, my friend. Prayerfully take control, it is your life you know, for whom within your light will glow.

Reward without measure, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls or stones, which will you choose? Not a stone to throw! A wildflower, lily, or roses with thorns? What would Greece be without the Holy Mountain of Athos?

Or Russia without that myriad of dwelling places of the Holy Spirit, which enabled it to overcome the inferno of Soviet persecution? The bishop of Rome is here today to tell you that the Latin church and the religious of the West are grateful for your life and witness. The Trevi Fountain, near the Spanish Steps, is well known in America through the popular standard song, "Three Coins in the Fountain," which was the theme song of the classic movie of the same name.

Thank You and God Bless. May the Light be with you!



Functioning properly, money is "green energy. One of the things for which money can be used is as Seed Money. This means that we can so use money that we reap a harvest of multiplied money and those things which can be purchased with money. Money which is hoarded is useless, for money is only a medium of exchange. Money as energy is God in action, a means of doing good. As buried treasure it is inert, serving no one, doing nothing. Think of it as a living means of acquiring good for yourself and for everyone.


Seed Money in Action: Working the Law of Tenfold Return


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