Political history. Cultural history. Economic history. There are so many lenses through which we can analyze the past. All of them have been applied to the study of the Jews, a transcontinental people with a history of migration, persecuted minority status, and cultural interaction with their neighbors. With his wide-ranging new book, Bernard Spolsky adds another lens through which to view this fascinating story: language.

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Books by Bernard Spolsky

Oxford: Oxford University Press, , p. The introduction to this book, written by Series Editor Henry Widdowson, is the same for each one in the series. These books are to give a "more general and gradual introduction to language" [than introductory texts] and "to prepare the conceptual ground" p. The target audience is not necessarily a public of students as the books should be "accessible to people who have no prior knowledge or expertise in the subject" p. A similar pattern -"Four parts: Survey, Readings, References, and Glossary"-has been adopted, but "each title is separate and self-contained with only the basic format in common" p. To facilitate a quick understanding, there are no references given no notes nor indication of sources in the Survey section so that the text is "uncluttered by the customary scholarly references" p. Spolsky opens the first section with a remarkably clear definition of sociolinguistics.


A Sociolinguistic History of the Jews – By Sarah Bunin Benor

Pub Date Notep. One way in which they overlap is in the selection of topics, among them bilingualism and linguistic relativity. Studies of linguistic relativity demonstrate that, although there are clear surface distinctions between the way languages map physical reality, and although these distinctions may influence the ease of memory and description, there is no evidence that these differences are fkindamental or that they prevent the formation of concepts. Concerning the swestion of how bilingualism affects language development, no final statements can be made. One extreme position, the balance theory, holds that each individual has only a certain amount of language learning ability and if it is divided between two languages, the knowledge of each language will be weaker. At present language testing instruments are not precise enough to test this hypothesis.

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